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Ranking.com is part of a family of over 1,300 Internet domains designed with the web community in mind. As a leader in making the Internet all that it can be, our array of affiliations make us the premier online resource for free comparative statistical data.

Since 1998 Ranking.com has performed market research upon a statistically, geographically and demographically significant number of surfers. By recording these surfers' website visits, Ranking.com calculates the ranking of the top 900,000 (growing every month) most visited websites and provides the results to surfers absolutely free!

Using its sister service BrowserAccelerator (a BestSearch.com and 7MetaSearch.com search solution) and sister company LinksToYou.com to determine website ratings by measuring the unique visitors, page views and link popularity of a website.

Ranking.com is dedicated to providing the Internet community with the best resource available today for comparative statistics about websites for free.

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