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# 23 What if my email address is not published on my site? validates website ownership by searching submitted sites for the email address provided through our form during registration. If you do not publish an email address on your site or encrypt email addresses (rendering them unreadable by our crawlers), please follow the instructions below:

1) Create a separate web page, for example email.htm, 
2) Make sure this page contains an active email address (a hyperlinked email address you actually receive and that could be clicked on by a user to send an email).
3) Upload the page to your website. 
4) Use this URL ( when completing the form.

Our system automatically checks for the presence of the email address submitted on the Web page you provided. If this is the same email address as you entered on the modification form, the system will send you a confirmation email. After the changes are confirmed, feel free to delete the page.

For security reasons and to ensure data integrity, it is necessary to establish proper ownership of the domain.

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# 26 Do I have to use an email associated with my domain?

No, you do not have to have an email associated with the domain you are attempting to modify. An email must be displayed on a page within that domain, but it can be from any server, even free services such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Geocities, etc.

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# 27 Is it necessary to have my email posted on a public page?

No, you do not have to have an email address posted on a public page (a page that visitors can navigate to). requires that an active email address is posted on a page somewhere within your domain, but it does not have to be a page that is linked to from any other active/public pages. It is acceptable to develop a private "mock" page that contains nothing but an active email address. Simply delete that page once you receive your confirmation email.

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# 28 Why is your system unable to read my email from my site?

Sometimes, webmasters attempt to "hide" their email in web page code so that viewers can see it but email spiders cannot. While this is perfectly legitimate and in some instances a good solution to SPAM, our service uses an automated program that needs to be able to read that email address. If our update form will not accept your email, make a private "mock" web page in the root directory, called say "email.html" that contains nothing but your active email address. Use this URL when submitting modification on the form for the email field. After you get the confirmation email simply delete the page.

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