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# 97 Why won't your form accept my web address entries?

Be sure that you include the entire url such as If you enter the web address without the http:// (For example: then our system will not recognize this as a valid url.

# 79 How do I update my site details ?

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To modify or add your site details follow these instructions:

  1. Visit
  2. Select " rankings" in the top right corner of the page.
  3. Enter the url you are searching for in the search box without www., example:
  4. Enter the security code and >go
  5. Next click on "site info" next to your url in the returned list.
  6. Scroll down this page to the Webmaster Information and click "Add/Modify your website information here".
  7. Complete the form and Submit
You will receive a confirmation email to the email address you put in the form.

You must confirm the changes from this email in order for the Site Details to appear immediately.


# 101 I continue to have problems updating my website details, can you lend me some assistance?

Please complete the following information and we will update your Ranking Site Details for your website:

Website Email:
URL of page containing email address:
URL of online contact form:
Organization name:
Street Address
City, State, Zip
Principal Language:
URL where address is published:
Do you have a building for clients to visit?
Phone Number:
URL where phone number is published:
Toll Free number:
URL where toll free number is published:
Does a person answer calls during business hours?
URL of Privacy Policy Statement:
URL of secure billing pages:
Area of coverage:
Business Category:
8 relevant Keywords:
Adjunct Categories (5):
Keywords unique to your business (8):
Third-Party Verification Seal:
URL of location of Verification Seal:
When you have completed this form please send it to us at :

Once we receive this information we will then update your website details for you and send you an email letting you know that we have done so.

Please allow 24-48 hours for the updated information to process in our system and then revisit to check the accuracy of the information that we submitted on your behalf.

# 89 How many points will you assign to my 3rd party verification service? provides points for numerous 3rd party verification services including (but not limited to) ValidatedSite, TrustE, Thawte and the BBB Privacy Seals. To review the factors used to determine a website TrustScore, please visit

For more information on third party verification, please visit

# 90 Why is the details form not accepting my URL?

Make sure when you fill out the details page that you enter the complete URL. For example, you should enter and not

# 29 What are the "Site Details"?

The "Site Details" display information that a surfer sees about your site when they inquire using our "One-Click Site Details" service available within the BrowserAccelerator toolbar and at Internet search engines. Users can access information such as the title and description of your site, the web site email, company/organization name, address and phone, as well as traffic and popularity data from 

Just fill out as much of your companies contact information as you want a potential prospect to see and this will be provided to the thousands of surfers seeking this information every day.

Remember, the first section of the site details page is what determines your Trust Score. The more information you provide in this section the higher Trust Score you will receive.

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