Reproducing the Data

To reproduce data (e.g. top 10 or top 100 lists) as website content (e.g. within email newsletters, press releases, special reports) simply open up the database and follow along with the instructions below.

Individual Reports:

Search for a particular site by entering the domain in the available search field on the "domain" tab (e.g. - no http:// or www required). The general "rank" of the site entered will be returned at the top of the list.

Standard / Pre-Defined Reports:

Users of can also access the data in four standard or "pre-defined" formats; by general rank, category, country and language.
- Search for a site starting at a specific rank (e.g. 10,000) from the "rank" tab in the database. This feature is helpful if you are returning to to continue researching online properties.

- Search for sites by category. Enter a search term and select the appropriate category for your query from the available list. Sites will be listed by their popularity rank within the category you selected along with their overall Web popularity rank.

- Search for the most popular sites by country. Select the "Country" tab and select the appropriate area from the available drop down list. Users can also search for a specific domain and from a particular rank in relation to the country they are seeking information about.

- Search by language for the most popular websites. Select a language from the available drop down list from the "Language" tab. Users can also search for a specific domain and from a particular rank in relation to the language they are seeking information about.

Requirements to reproduce allows users to create custom reports from the data entering their own list of URLs. Select the "Advanced Tab" within the database, enter the domain names (one per line) and will return the sites according to their official popularity rating. To save time, save the URL list into a text file like MS Word or Outlook Notes then paste the information into our tool on a monthly basis to obtain the updated ranking.

Requirements to reproduce

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